Statement on Minimum Manning

A Message from IAFF Local 266 on Recent Contract Concessions



Mansfield Firefighters, IAFF Local 266 have voted to approve contract changes that reduce the minimum number of firefighters on duty each day to 18 from 21. The final tally was 55 in favor and 10 against. This measure will save the City $1,800,000.


For the past 2 years the firefighters have been proactive in our willingness to negotiate significant cost savings, repeatedly offering measures that would have helped the City with their budget problems, while maintaining critical services and staffing. The City had turned down all of those offers.  While lowering the manning to 18 does pose an increased risk to the safety and health of both firefighters and citizens, we have decided that this action was the right one to take as maintaining 21 a day would not be possible with the current hiring freeze, retirements and the City’s limited budget. It is our hope and goal that this agreement will offer stability to everyone involved, allow the City to live within their budget, avoid further litigation, and also prevent further layoffs in the Safety Forces. Despite these reductions, the firefighters will strive to continue providing the professional Fire and EMS services that the citizens of Mansfield have come to expect.